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    Crushed Limestone Diamond Gro Compost Diamond Tex Infield Mixes Horn Fels Hot Mix Asphalt Industrial Mineral Fillers Micro Mica Mine White Narvon F1 F2 and F3 Pulverized Limestone (Barn-Dri, Ag-16, No. 18 Damp Lime, Diamond-Tex Field Line Marker) Quartzite Sand and Stone Ready Mix Concrete Sandstone

  3. Viola Warehouse (Location)

    2056 Turkey Point Rd
    Felton, DE 19943

    Aglime & Diamond-Tex

    Anthony Paolino
    717-617-8247 (c)

    AGG Sales

    Tim Sprecher
    717-587-4791 (c)

    AGG Dispatch


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  4. Limeville Aggregates (Location)

    520 Lime Quarry Rd
    Gap, PA 17527

    AGG/HMA Dispatch #

    (800) 543-3860
    (717) 335-4503

    AGG Sales

    Tony Paolino
    (717) 354-1303 (o) (717) 617-8247 (c)

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  5. Soil and Turf Products

    Our Diamond-Gro™ products are designed for the sports turf market and for storm water management projects. New Enterprise Stone & Lime Co., Inc. is a leading supplier of compost, custom-blended soils, and topsoils developed in consultation with the Lancaster County Conservation District, Penn State University, and various landscape designers. Each of the products is manufactured […]

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