Soil and Turf Products

Our Diamond-Gro™ products are designed for the sports turf market and for storm water management projects. New Enterprise Stone & Lime Co., Inc. is a leading supplier of compost, custom-blended soils, and topsoils developed in consultation with the Lancaster County Conservation District, Penn State University, and various landscape designers. Each of the products is manufactured under strict guidelines to maintain consistent quality and to meet strict design specifications.

Diamond-Gro Compost

Increases organic matter and microbial populations in the root zone. Diamond-Gro Compost is a thoroughly composted, stable, mature, and weed-free organic product. It’s derived from 100% natural, organic sources including horse and dairy manure, wood shavings, sawdust, livestock bedding, straw, hay and other agricultural products and contains no municipal solid waste, biosolids or spent mushroom soil. Diamond-Gro Compost may be used as a topdressing or a component in root zone construction and many other landscaping applications.

Diamond-Gro Screened Topsoil

Carefully screened to a 3/8″ minus or 1” minus sieve, Diamond-Gro Screened Topsoil is designed for use on athletic fields and storm water management, but it can be used in a variety of landscape projects and any application where clean and consistently screened topsoil is required. Our topsoil is consistently screened and stored undercover to protect it from the elements and assure that you receive a safe and productive medium for fast and healthy plant propagation.

Diamond-Gro SMS Bio-Soil Blend

A blend of Diamond-Gro Compost, Screened Topsoil, and sand, the SMS (Storm water Management System) Bio-Soil Blend provides solutions to today’s challenging storm water management applications. Used primarily for swales, basins, and other storm water controls, the product can be customized to meet your designer’s specifications. The individual components are efficiently screened and inspected prior to blending so you can be assured of the highest quality product.

Diamond-Gro Custom Soil Blends

These custom soil blends are designed for athletic field applications. Whether your field is native soil and sand-based, our Diamond-Gro Custom Soil Blends can be designed to maximize root zone and top-dressing mixes for your application. The blends help provide a nutrient-rich base to help establish new plantings.

Diamond-Gro Sands

We have a variety of natural and manufactured sands enabling us to select the right sand for your specification to achieve a blend that provides critical compaction and infiltration rates.

Following the DEP “Best Management Practices” manual, we now have soils that meet the strict specifications for structural BMPs including:

  • 6.4.2 Infiltration Basin
  • 6.4.3 Subsurface Infiltration Bed
  • 6.4.5 Rain Garden/Bioretention
  • 6.4.7 Constructed Filter
  • 6.4.8 Vegetated Swale
  • 6.4.9 Vegetated Filter Strip
  • 6.4.10 Infiltration Berm & Retentive Grading
  • 6.5.1 Vegetated Roof
  • 6.6.1 Constructed Wetland
  • 6.6.2 Wet Pond/Retention Basin
  • 6.6.3 Dry Extended Detention Basin
  • 6.7.2 Landscape Restoration
  • 6.7.3 Soils Amendment & Restoration

Diamond-Gro Packaging Options

Product Bulk Bulk Qty/load Pallet Pallet Qty. Bag Bag Size
Diamond-Gro Compost X

30/50 CY


80 bags


1 cu. ft.

Diamond-Gro Topsoil X

18 CY

Diamond-Gro Custom Soil Blends X

Per order