Our mission as a family owned company is to provide the highest quality construction materials, heavy highway construction, and traffic safety products. Coworkers are our most valuable assets. We commit to achieving our mission in a safe, environmentally conscious, financially sound, and ethical manner. Safety, Communication, and Innovation are the three foundation values that support our mission in the NESL culture.


We want every coworker to go home safe at the end of the day.

Our neighbors/communities can expect us to operate in a responsible and safe manner, and meet or exceed all required standards and laws.


We want our coworkers to embrace open, candid, constructive communication in all areas of the company.

Our customers and vendors deserve timely, direct, and accurate information and feedback.

We believe in communicating promptly and accurately with all community and governmental organizations.

We support participation in local civic groups and state and national associations to advance our industry.


Innovation is an coworker driven, solutions oriented process. Each coworker is encouraged to use an entrepreneurial spirit which is directed toward the long-term benefit of all coworkers and the company.

We encourage thoughtful and calculated risk analysis in advancing our goals.