About Us

A family operation then, a family operation now.

As both a major construction materials supplier and a general contractor in the public and private sectors, New Enterprise Stone & Lime Co., Inc. lives by a commitment to our customers, pledging to safely supply and deliver the highest quality products and construction services on time and on budget. We don’t make promises we don’t intend on keeping. To this end, we focus on three critical components throughout our operations and in every job entrusted to us.

  1. Our employees are our greatest asset, so at NESL we take safety seriously. And because safety is our primary concern, NESL has adopted a strict program for safety procedures and policies. As part of this safety program, each year we train our management level employees on how to implement and apply our Safety Program and Procedures Manual.
  2. At NESL, we feel that quality is not measured by the finished product alone — it is an ongoing process that extends from the office to the field and beyond. Every employee, from accounting and estimating to project management and skilled labor, has a hand in the end result. That’s why we employ a diverse selection of people who bring unique expertise and skills to the job.
  3. In order to supply our clients with the best products, we must utilize the latest in equipment technology. Our extensive fleet of equipment is kept in superb condition by our own maintenance staff. We take pride in our corporate identity and our NESL fleet, which distinguishes us in any workplace.

With nearly a century of history, NESL has a tradition of success.